NEO Coolcam NIP-12 Dome IP Camera – Plug + Play, 1/5 Inch CMOS Sensor, 640×480 Resolution


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Product Description

NEO Coolcam NIP-12 Dome IP Camera - Plug + Play, 1/5 Inch CMOS Sensor, 640x480 Resolution - $29.50

Dome IP Camera is practical Plug and Play device that boasts a 1/5 Inch CMOS Sensor with 640x480 Resolution to help you view what’s important anywhere, anytime.

Keep a watchful eye on what is important to you with this dome IP camera that is called the NEO Coolcam NIP-12 that ensures close and effective monitoring. Install this camera with easy as it is a plug and play device within in the boundaries of your property to start monitoring everything that is happening. Whether it is unwanted guests or just keeping an eye on your children, the NEO Coolcam NIP-12 camera’s glass lens will see it all. The 1/5 Inch CMOS sensor with 640x480resolution on this dome camera will ensure you get a good quality feed, even when you view it in real time via your mobile device. You can access the NEO Coolcam NIP-12 dome camera’s feed in real time from almost anywhere in the world as long as you have a compatible device and can log ins online.

Watch if anything goes bump in the night as the NEO Coolcam NIP-12 has 22 IR LEDs that provides a 20 meter night vision viewing distance. Also there are many other extras such as a microphone for one way audio and of course motion detection so not even the sneakiest of things can go undetected. The NEO Coolcam NIP-12 dome IP camera is great for wherever you wish to install as you can see what is happening no matter if you’re in the next room or the next continent.

This Dome IP Camera is in stock and can be dispatched within one working day of ordering with a 12 month warranty. Brought to you by the leaders in wholesale electronics and IP Cameras, Chinavasion.

At a Glance…

Dome IP Camera

Plug + Play

1/5 Inch CMOS Sensor

640x480 Resolution

Motion Detection


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